With Guidance, support & expert tools you have the power to overcome your sexual challenges & have sexual awakenings!


I'm Rebecca, Intimacy Specialist & Sex Educator

I help men, women, and couples overcome sexual and relationship roadblocks and create passionate, satisfying, pleasure-filled sex lives.

If you’re anything like my clients, you’re dissatisfied with your sex life or lack the knowledge to get the sex you want. You’ve tried working on it, tried making things better, but nothing seems to help. You may have gone to your doctor and were prescribed medications which lead to some relief and pleasure but the problem still exists. You may have started to think you will never have great sex, pleasure or intimacy with your lover again. As a sex educator and intimacy specialist, I am here to tell you can and will have pleasurable sex, intimacy and can get that spark back.

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Sex Education

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Intimacy Coaching

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Improve Sexual Skills

Learn how to have better sex than you ever expected. Discover how to activate your true pleasure potential.

Build Deeper Intimacy

If your relationship has lost its spark, a simple shift in perspective and behavior can easily bring it back.

Explore Fantasies

Learn and explore your sexual fantasies in a safe way.

Benefits of working with an Intimacy Specialist

Sexful Relationships

Unblock sexual roadblocks and put passion back into your relationship.

Confident Lover

Discover why sexual confidence is the key to an amazing sex life and how to achieve it.

Become Orgasmic

Learn how to get out of your head and open your senses and bring your body to extreme pleasure.


My wife and I love Rebecca. Rebecca helped saved our marriage and assisted us with our intimacy issues. Rebecca's coaching gave me insight, education and fun exercises to do with my wife and more importantly, I gained confidence as a man in the bedroom.

Mark & Aubrey C.

Let me start off by stating that Rebecca is awesome. Rebecca is very easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable from the start. If you want to discuss and explore aspects of your sexuality, sex, or intimacy in a safe, non-judgmental space then you have found the right person.

Beth V.

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